A force of nature: protecting Mongolia’s elusive snow leopards – Positive News

Mongolian activist Bayarjargal Agvaantseren created the world’s first sanctuary for snow leopards. Her campaign included persuading the country’s government to cancel 37 mining licences In this remote, unforgiving corner of the world, herders call them “mountain ghosts”. Snow leopards, which roam the steep mountains and narrow ravines of Mongolia, are so elusive that even Bayarjargal […]

Man Sacrifices His SUV And His Safety To Protect Pedestrians From Speeding Drunk Driver

November 14, 2019 A driver is being credited with potentially saving the lives of a number of pedestrians in downtown Montreal on Tuesday afternoon. Erick Marciano / Credit: CBC Erick Marciano was stopped in his SUV when he saw a car go speeding through a red light, followed by police in hot pursuit. Not thinking […]

‘I want to inform, encourage and empower more people to sing together’ – Positive News

Positive News subscriber James Sills explains why the magazine resonates with him, and how his work in community singing has similarly positive reverberations I started following Positive News on Twitter last year and then came across the print version by chance at the airport last summer. I immediately loved it: the writing, the format, the […]

Two Sisters Raise More Than $5,000 To Buy Thanksgiving Meals For Families In Need

November 13, 2019 For the third year in a row, two sisters in North Carolina are raising money to provide meals for families that can’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner. Alex and Caroline Alex, 9, and Caroline, 6, raised enough money to provide Charlotte Rescue Mission (CRM) with 130 Thanksgiving Food Boxes and 50 turkeys. This […]

Does Media Induce Individuals with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) To Have Plastic Surgery?

We all have that one feature on our face or bodies that we don’t like. Maybe your nose tip is a millimeter longer than you would prefer? Perhaps you feel that your cheekbones can be more pronounced? No matter the issue, body insecurity is common among us all. The most prominent evidence of this can […]

Beyond retro: is second-hand shopping catching up with fast fashion? – Positive News

On World Kindness Day, we speak to the young people turning to charity shops and resale sites for a fashion fix that’s kinder to the planet Ninety-five per cent of Lottie Allen’s wardrobe is pre-loved. “It’s like a dressing up box,” says the 19-year-old pink-haired fashion student, who describes herself as obsessed with vintage clothes. […]