‘I was overwhelmed by kindness from strangers’: the Facebook group helping vulnerable people in India – Positive News

Sometime in mid-March Sandhya Honawar, from Mumbai, visited her psychiatrist. The 67-year-old, who lives alone, thought it would make sense to get a repeat prescription for her anti-depressants and anxiety medication ahead of time, given that coronavirus had arrived in India and lockdown was imminent. For several days afterwards, she went from pharmacy to pharmacy […]

Crowdfunding success: 9,000 copies of Positive News magazine for NHS workers – Positive News

Thousands of copies of Positive News magazine will be distributed to healthcare workers across the UK, following a successful crowdfunding campaign. The 35-day campaign, Positive News for the NHS, was launched in response to the coronavirus pandemic and on 16 May surpassed its its initial target of funding the print and distribution of 4,000 copies […]

Offline and Off-track: How Internet Access May Predict the Next Wave of High School Dropouts

by Orin Gutlerner, Anna D. Bartuska, Dr. Soo Jeong Youn, and Dr. Luana Marques A new wave of high school dropouts is looming and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Dropping out of high school has been linked to higher instances of suicide attempts, substance abuse, and criminal activity. Indeed, roughly one in every 10 young […]

Exposure and Response Prevention for “What If” Thinking in Disorders Other Than OCD

by David A. Raush, PhD “What if” thinking is not unique to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  It is a feature to a greater or lesser extent in several other conditions.  Using what we know about Exposure and Response Prevention (E/RP) for OCD might improve treatment for these other conditions.1  A few basic concepts underlie E/RP.  Life […]

‘It brings back a sense of community in isolation’: Local radio stations thriving in lockdown – Positive News

Community radio stations are bringing local people valuable information, entertainment and a sense of togetherness during the pandemic “It’s lovely knowing that there’s somebody down the road listening to the same thing as you. It brings back a sense of community in isolation,” says Gemma Mitchell, a 34-year-old mother of two, who lives in Herefordshire.  […]

Good cover: why insurance could be the next ethical shopping trend – Positive News

Whether it’s powering our homes with renewable energy, buying clothes made with sustainable fabrics, or even switching to a more ethical bank, making responsible consumer choices is now commonplace. But when it comes to taking out insurance, finding a product that’s in line with your principles can be a tougher challenge. Insurance providers play a […]